RCM: Navigator

Software package for field management and reliabilty management of equipment in accordance with RCM methodology

"RCM: Navigator" is an effective tool for collecting information about the status of equipment and planning rounds. Helps to collect, process and record information about the status of equipment. Provides the head of the reliability service with access to up-to-date information about the performed rounds of their results and quality. Allows you to create plans for future inspections and edit bypass route maps. The system increases the level of control over the reliability of technical systems and the planning of measures for the maintenance and repair of equipment.

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Business Benefits


Raising awareness on equipment status


Reducing the number of equipment failures and preventing their consequences


Integration with ERP and maintenance systems


Reduced equipment repair costs by up to 25%


Planning and tracking rounds, assigning performers

Viewing the results of the rounds, quality assessment

Configure hardware status notifications

Making a tour route, assigning tasks

Access Control Role System

Performance Management

Keeping a history of detours and equipment reliability indicators

Solution Benefits

The software package is available in mobile and web versions

Russian development (domestic software)

Integration with related MRO systems

Integration with related MRO systems

Adaptation to the production processes of the enterprise

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