RCM Methodology Training

RCM methodology training (2-5 days training courses with adaptive program for management members and employees)

Target audience

Special-purpose program for technical managers of enterprises, managers and employees of Reliability services, and risk managers. Professional and advanced training of specialists in the field of engineering management, MRO, operational personnel.


This training course is designed to simplify the understanding of methodology and modern tools of Reliability Centered Maintenance. It describes management arrangements, maintenance and simulation of production equipment reliability. The course helps to improve the specialists’ professional skills in the field of reliability. System of lecture materials and practical cases. Effective practices of modern organization of the enterprise’s MRO system.

Course program

Day 1

— Review of standards and methodologies of reliability assessment; introduction to RCM

— Definition of Technological Functions

— Definition of Functional Failures

Day 2

— Definition of Functional Failures

— Failure origins (Modes)

— Failure effects

— Failure Consequences

Day 3

— Tasks of scheduled maintenance and condition-based maintenance (Predictive and Preventive tasks)

— Tasks of default maintenance (Default tasks)

— Recommendations for implementation and application of RCM

Day 4-5

— Training course on work with “MRO Navigator” Software (RCM analysis)

— Selection and system analysis of equipment for project groups

— Conducting an RCM express project

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